Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just a truck

Tele-advertising. A real-female grown up beauty focuses a "deep" glance on viewer face and then announces softly a statement. The tone of her voice is so serious as if she informed all mankind that a most crucial law of creation has just been discovered: - Fashion is a reflection of time - she sounds. A schoolgirl who does not rather know what means she says but is sure that there is very sophisticated. Pretty, undoubtedly, sixteen e-mail chat participant from Italy, Ulla the Viking recommends me to be a truck rather than a truck driver if I want to be OK - This is for trucks are big and powerful - she explains. - But, dear, a driver is a man, drives it, knows he exists, has a free will, and so forth - I argue. - Umm - She concludes at a shortage of words. - Be a truck anyway. Recently women promote a slogan: Faith, Hope &. Love. Since my childhood I used to face a slogan of God, Honour &. Homeland. Such is a feature of nowadays that a few believe in God only, honour is something what a man wipes his mouth with when wants. Motherland remains valuable for those who has paid for Her a lot... Are the two slogans compatible? Perhaps they are. As far I am still a driver, though because of Ulla I would rather be a truck. How, saying rudely, how to perform myself fashionable being at a serious age? Send me e-mail if you have an idea at the point.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

At last

Looking for a good place to give the egg of my thoughts at last I have found something that was quite close, next to me: Google.